The 40-Year Journey of Connecting a Community with Radio

"New Years's eve 2019 as I was reflecting back on the years gone by,

I started journaling some of the special memories in my radio career that had been sneaking up on 40 years: I wrote nonstop for 24 days. When everything started to go down on paper, more memories would flood in so I just kept going...and going."

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Here's a Glimpse of My Story

Throughout my 40 years in radio industry, I have had many radio families who taught me many things and helped me foster my passion for radio. 

A radio family, like any others become close, go through happy, sad and stressful times together and do it day by day. They contribute just by sharing information.

This book is dedicated to my radio family that have supported me just by tuning in and listening to my show, no matter where I was broadcasting from.

the little red radio

It All Began From That Little Red Radio

"The non-sleeping radio listening hours were forming my adult life, something I didn't know at that time, but I did know that I wanted to be the Man of the Radio someday . . ."

Dennis Walker at his first radio job in Creston

The Flash Back

"Interestingly looking back, the industry would never want announcers on-air more than three hours and this was so the listener could always hear a fresh voice. It seems to be not so much about the listener now . . . more on that later . . ."

Dennis Walker at SO Country Internet radio

The Now: Connecting with Listeners from Afar

"A radio family, like any others become close, go through happy, sad and stressful times together and do it day by day. They contribute just by sharing information . . . My listening family includes many people that I have never met, but follow a voice for reasons I can only be grateful for . . ."


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And . . . Lastly . . .

South okanagan country business card

I was so proud when my stepson created the original business card for my internet radio station. Natthaphon set the backdrop on our front porch at our home on Edna Avenue in Penticton. This card always bring back a good memory.

Dennis Walker

About Author

Dennis (A.K.A. Dumas) Walker

Dennis has been working as a radio host for 40 years and is well-known in the communities in South Okanagan-Similkameen Valley. The substantial part of his radio career was at Penticton Giant FM Radio, but his career took a different turn when Giant FM was sold to a big radio corporate. He started his own internet radio station, SO Country, and then continued his journey as a radio broadcaster at Summit FM in Cranbrook, BC.

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